How to edit a template?

Editing a website template using Visual Studio Code is quite simple. Here are the basic steps:

Download and Install Visual Studio Code:

If you have not installed Visual Studio Code on your computer, you can download and install it from the official website of Visual Studio Code.

Import Template:

Download the website template you need and save it to your computer. Then open Visual Studio Code. Click the "File" tab in the upper left corner and then open the folder containing the template with the "Open Folder" option.

Edit HTML and CSS Files:

The template's HTML and CSS files usually come with names like "index.html", "style.css". Open these files in Visual Studio Code. You can click the "Explorer" tab to view the files on the left. You can then double-click on these files to edit them, or click and right-click and select the "Open with Code" option.

Edit Codes:

The HTML file defines the structure of your web page, placing text and images, while the CSS file customizes the appearance. You can make any changes you want to these files. Visual Studio Code offers many features to help you identify code errors and suggestions.

Live Preview:

You can enable live preview in Visual Studio Code. This allows you to instantly see the changes you make in the web browser. For this, you can install "Live Server" or a similar live preview plugin from the "Extensions" tab. Then, you can right-click on your file and use the "Open with Live Server" option.

Save and Publish Changes:

After making the edits, save the files (Ctrl + S or Cmd + S) and upload them to the web server or hosting service. The changes you made should now appear on your website.

When editing your web template, it will be useful to have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. Visual Studio Code offers many plugins to make your development work easier, so you can add these plugins as per your need.